I have nothing but to be grateful for everything that happened this year. Thankful I always have a daily reminder to remain contented with what I have on my hands and that I have the simplest things to stay grateful for. To list everything down is a little overwhelming but I am lucky to be blessed with the opportunities that came knocking on my door. Very blessed to have been able to save up for my trips this year and aside from traveling, came the Cambodia mission trip that allowed me to be embraced in God’s love & presence. Oh yes, and the Youth Camp weeks ago. New beginnings is to happen the moment the clock ticks 12 but I’m relived to say, it has been going good and indeed, it is always ONLY overwhelming at the initial stage. I am still on this journey to loving myself but I too, am always thankful I am being overwhelmingly showered with love from people around me – I will get to where I want to be in time to come, at my own pace. 

I want to keep things short and sweet so……have a great New Year’s Eve everyone and have a Happy New Year. Remember, life only gets better, it really does. 

Stay smiling, keep shinning. May God bless each and everyone of you. XX 


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