Unknowingly found myself opening up this app at this ungodly hour of the night when I should be sound asleep. 

Hey there, it has been a while dear WordPress. I do not know where to get started but life has really been treating me well. It is finally April, and seriously really, time passes. Especially when you’re productively busy, and always on-the-go. 

I am running on an insane schedule of 4 submissions in the coming week and I really can’t wait to get over and done with all of it. Exhausting, and it has been a crazy period dealing with all sorts of people………didn’t knew I would be signing up for this even in Uni but hey, I’ll just take it as an experience.

My brain is really burnt out and I feel like my body has been running on auto-pilot mode since February but my life has never felt this full before. Nothing much had really changed in my life; the same old people, just a couple of Uni friends I had met, and a very routined student life……but what changed is, I’m a much happier person now. 

If you haven’t know, I’ve signed myself up to be in Track in Uni. I wanted a CCA in Uni to complete my student life; that was my first agenda. And I thought for a long time where I should go. 2 mths later, I am relieved to know this decision is one of the best decisions I had made for myself. 

Being in tracks has been a little of a life-changing experience for me and I am seeing this sport in a whole new light day by day. Running, has become more than just “running” to me, as it now holds a deeper sentimental value close to me. 

I’m reminded everyday how thankful I should be, on how blessed I am. Everything is really falling into place and there is nothing more I can ask for as of now. I’ve seen myself changed, and I’m living my life to its fullest; utilizing each 24 hours doing things I love, things I should do, and being with people that matters so closely to me. 

I still have a lot of uncertainties that I could dwell or worry upon but I had left everything in the hand of God to lead me to. 

There really isn’t much for me to update because nothing much has changed but at the same time, a lot has too. But here is an update from me; I am happy and I hope each & everyone of you are too. 

Till then, stay beautiful & keep shinning, xx 


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